SDT Does Hess Fest 2017

Unlimited beer samples from over 20 local breweries, 9 restaurants vendors(2 of which are taco shops!), and live music from 3 local bands?! This San Diegan dream come true happened this past Saturday and, it’s name was Hess Fest.

This event was created 7 years ago by Mike Hess, his wife Lynda and brother Greg as a fundraiser event to gather both the community and beer lovers together for a good cause. This year the net proceeds benefited Next Step Service Dogs and the YMCA of San Diego County. I can’t think of a better way to spend my beer money than on dogs and San Diego’s youth.

Speaking of beer! There was tons of it! With over 40 beers to try and 5 hours to do so, it was hard not to get a little buzzed. However, craft beer buzzed is the best kind of buzz in my book. It also, makes it a lot easier to get down on the dance floor. Thankfully, there were three sets of Rock bands for you to let loose to.  My personal favorite was the Imagery Machine. It was hard to miss this group. All the members’ faces were covered in glitter! Even the bassist’s beard was dusted in gold specs. Their sound wasn’t as flashy as their faces. The lead vocalists were a couple of rocker babes, one on the keys and the other on guitar. Together they had an alternative, pop-like sound. Perfect for grooving.

Unlike many of the other beer festivals I’ve attended, food was included! This made it a lot easier to grub out, especially for a foodie on a budget. Each ticket included 4 vouchers to use at any of the food booths. I was chomping at the bit when I saw Slater’s 50/50 serving their legendary beef/bacon burgers. Grease dripped down my knuckles as I bit into the bun and then I chased it all down with the double IPA from Epigg brewing. It was incredible!!

As the final beer tapped out, guests started making their way into Mike Hess where, they could exchange their ticket for a pint glass. Now they weren’t just any ordinary pint glasses. They held a special power. Which was, when you brought it into any Mike Hess Brewery, Monday-Friday, it could be filled with one of their delicious brews for only $4! That’s unheard of in San Diego! This is the beer festival that just keeps giving!

Mike Hess is a company that is dedicated to bettering the community and making the best beer possible. With these strong values I’m excited to see where they’re headed next.  Their beer can be found all throughout California and even in some parts of Colorado and Arizona. As Mike Hess grows I hope Hess Fest continues to as well. Who knows, maybe it will be the next Tour De Fat.