Carlsbad Food & Drink Tour

Carlsbad Food & Drink Tour

Serving Up City Sights

Explore the quaint beach town of Carlsbad

Journey through time and space on our Carlsbad food tours. On this curated experience, you’ll get a taste of history at the storied Alkaline Water Depot before you visit some of the city’s finest restaurants. Enjoy notable San Diego cuisines, including Mexican, Italian, and Californian-American, sip on carefully selected drink samples, and dig into a delectable local dessert. We’ve crafted the best culinary itinerary of Carlsbad for you.

About Carlsbad Food Tours:

Hungry for an authentic Carlsbad experience? Start with a taste of the alkaline spring water that gave this city its start, and then spring into the future with carefully-curated food and wine tasting menus designed to provide a first-hand glimpse into the city’s cultural roots and innovative culinary spirit. 

  • History on the move – We combine a detailed walking tour with a hand-selected food sampling for a holistic Carlsbad experience. Work up an appetite as you explore the city’s rich stories, local history, unique eateries, and top sights. 
  • Adventurous local partnerships Enjoy the diverse cultural traditions of this Southern Californian city through our unique local partners. Experience the story behind the story as you create your own authentic Carlsbad experience. 
  • Something for everyone – Whether you’re a wine lover, foodie, history buff, or anything in between, our Carlsbad food tours cater to your interests. Make personalized memories amid our wide variety of options. 
  • A tour designed for you – Our experienced and knowledgeable guides are ready to share the stories and details most interesting to you. Turn your Carlsbad drink tour and food tours into a personalized experience that’s different each time. 
  • Hand-selected menus – Enjoy a meticulously designed pre-set menu at each great food destination. Our local partners infuse dining options with decades of experience and a rich variety of flavors.
  • A pour de force – Think of this great food and drink tour as one of the best wine tasting tours Carlsbad, CA, offers. Revel in the splendor of our Southern California wine as you sip on locally-sourced drink options that perfectly complement your delectable meals.

Tours can be booked for private groups of 10 or more guests. They’re anything but ordinary, and for a more elevated experience, we can sprinkle some unique offerings tailored just for you! Contact us to discuss.

Carlsbad Food Tour Length:

  • Your tour will be approximately 3 hours. 
  • You’ll visit four sites in total, including the Alkaline Water Depot, 2-3 local restaurants, and a stop for dessert.
Carlsbad Street Art

Street Art

Carlsbad Village is full of cute shops and restaurants, but the area is also known for it’s street art that adorns some of the largest walls in the neighborhood.

Brewery Tours

Mouthwatering Bites

Carlsbad started out because of their “magical” alkaline water, but has grown to be a destination now for food, shopping, and entertainment.  We will take you to a couple of places for iconic bites.

Carlsbad Alkaline water

Most healthful water

Carlsbad Alkaline all-natural water has been celebrated as the most “healthful water” you can get.  People drive here from surrounding areas to fill their jugs, and now you can buy it at retail stores.  People swear by its magic, and you’ll taste some on this tour.

Carlsbad Food Tour FAQs

Please let us know in advance if you have dietary restrictions or allergies. We’ll try to accommodate restrictions as best we can, but it is not always possible. We can provide a copy of the itinerary and pre-set menu before the tour for your convenience. We’re also happy to direct you to the website of the local restaurants for more information.

The Carlsbad tour is offered to private groups only at this time.  All booking must be made in advance, either online or over the phone. Tickets will not be available at the tour site.

You’ll visit 2-3 local restaurants in Carlsbad, each with a different food and drink sampling. Depending on your tour, you might experience a mix of the city’s celebrated cuisines, including Italian, Mexican, or California-American. After your food and drink pairings at two Carlsbad dining institutions, you’ll enjoy a third and final stop for dessert.

You’re certainly welcome to shop on the tour! Your tour guide is a valuable source of information on local prices, artisan items, and any relevant cultural or historical background. Be sure to notify your tour guide if you’re interested in a certain souvenir or looking to check out a particular shop.