Ways to Support the San Diego Black Community

Within just the past few weeks, these four humans lost their lives either by police brutality or by racial violence. Over the past year and beyond, this list is obviously much longer, but, thanks to live streaming, social media, and camera phones, the world is now bearing witness to just some of the horrors that Black people face every day. No one should have to fight against injustice alone. This is a movement that needs individuals of all races to ...

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Hidden Gems in San Diego: The Inside Scoop

For the hipsters, the adventure seekers, and those who continually seek spots off the beaten path, this article is for you. Sure, there’s always the San Diego Zoo or the golden beaches to spend an afternoon. But there’s so much more this city in Southern California has to offer. From lowkey food scenes to a bit more understated destinations, take a look at these specially-selected San Diego hidden treasures that live away from the top ten Google recommendations. Being ...

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How to Plan One Day in San Diego

Have you ever been asked by a friend visiting your city to plan an itinerary for them? They want to know where to stay, where to go, what to see, and what to eat—all the essentials. And now you’re stuck racking your brain, trying to remember what that one fancy restaurant’s name is, and pretending that you know all the ins and outs of your city (whereas you’re better off explaining the ins and outs of your Netflix library). ...

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