8 San Diego Water Sports to Try This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and waterlusts need only to look to the San Diego Bay to get their dose of vitamin sea. From exploring caves by kayak, to biking atop the water, to water-powered jetpacking, you can keep cool this summer by trying one of water sports at one of San Diego’s many beaches, or the San Diego Bay! Check out our list of top water sports and San Diego tours to check out this summer!


#1 – Jetpacking, Flyboarding, and Hoverboarding

Photo Credit: Mission Bay Sports Center

These activities give adrenaline junkies their thrill-seeking fix by allowing them to fly above the skyline, powered by water propulsion jets. Depending on the activity and device you select, you can fly up to 30 feet in the air, skim across the water at a superspeed of us to 30 mph, dive below the surface, and even walk on water! Jetpacking is the quickest to learn, requires very little strength to operate, and is great at spinning and skimming across the water. Flyboarding offers more freedom of movement, and is better at flips and dives, but demands a bit more muscle to control. Hoverboarding is arguably the most challenging, and requires prior experience with surfing, snowboarding, or wakeboarding. Fly Guys and the Aquatic Aviation are a couple of great watersport companies where you can rent your bay-faring device.


#2 – San Diego Bay Jet Boat Ride

Photo Credit: Viator.com

If you seek adrenaline, but aren’t looking for a strenuous workout, the Patriot Jet Boat Ride by Flagship Cruises is for you. The Patriot is a turbo-charged tour of San Diego’s most scenic waterfront spots, as it carves 360 degree turns and reaches 50 mph speed. You’ll zip and zoom past military ships, along the downtown skyline, and under the iconic Coronado Bridge, all while rock music is pumping, screaming, and feeling the wind and spray of the San Diego Bay on your face! This is definitely the most thrilling ride on the bay.


#3 – La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour

Photo Credit: La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks

If you want to enjoy San Diego’s natural beauty, there’s no better way to do it than in a cave and in a kayak on tour.  Check out Everyday California tours or La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tours. In a single tour, you will experience the city’s surf culture, observe dozens of species of marine animals, and visit four different marine environments: sandy beach, rocky coast, kelp forest, and open ocean, each with its unique characteristics and wildlife viewing opportunities. You don’t need any kayaking experience to join and view the sea lions, leopard sharks, pelicans, crabs, cormorants…and of course, the caves!


#4 – Hydrobikes SD

Photo Credit: CycleOnTheWater.com

The non-polluting, easy to ride, lightweight, safe, and stable Hydro Bike made its debut 25 years ago and have been synonymous with fun and fitness on the water ever since. This fun activity can be enjoyed by everyone, from child kids to senior citizens, and is a great way to get a bit of exercise in, while enjoying the beautiful San Diego Bay. It even makes for a fun date idea. The Hydro Bike’s pontoons were scientifically developed by a professional canoe designer for optimum buoyancy, speed, and maneuverability. That means you will have a smooth ride even in very choppy water. Rent a bike from Hydro Bikes SD, and make a family day of it!


#5 – La Jolla Cove and Cave Snorkel Tour

Photo Credit: San Diego Fly Rides

La Jolla is home to a vast variety of sea creatures and the La Jolla Cove and Cave Snorkel Tour provides a rare opportunity to see marine life up close and personal. The warmer water and protected cove attracts both fish and mammals from all along the coast and makes for a beautiful experience. Divers have reported seeing garibaldi, octopus, urchins, dolphins, sea turtles, leopard sharks, sea stars, shovel nose guitar fish, and of course, the San Diego famous seals and sea lions. Many people don’t know that there is also a secret underwater graveyard! There are no bodies, but it is a sight to see: an eerie underwater memorial with several markers dedicated to fallen spear fishermen and members of the first diving and spearfishing club in North America.


#6 – Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Photo Credit: Mission Beach Surfari Surf

Southern California is a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding mecca. From Coronado to Mission Bay, to La Jolla to Del Mar, San Diego has everything that a paddle boarder needs— consistent waves for SUP surfing, SUP fishing, an active SUP Yoga community, and plenty of flatwater options all along the coast. Stand up surfing only requires a big floaty board and a long canoe-style paddle. SUP surf boards as maneuverable as some waterboards, however, you do have the advantage of catching waves earlier and riding them longer. The SUP Connection, SUP California, and OEX Point Loma are just a few of the spots where you can rent paddles and cross SUP boarding off your surfing bucket list. With so many locations to do so, paddle boarding is definitely one of the top activities in Coronado, Point Loma, and Pacific Beach.


#7 – Surf School

Photo Credit: PacificSurf.com

You can’t spell “California” without “s-u-r-f.” Okay, well, maybe you can, but you know what we mean! San Diego, with it’s warmest water, and several of the best surfing breaks on the California Coast, is the ideal perfect spot to learn this classic sport. Surf schools, like Pacific Surf, San Diego Surfing School, and Surf Diva offer surfing lessons at the beaches with beginner breaks. If you are visiting the San Diego area and would like to learn how to catch some of San Diego’s most glorious waves, you’ll have many  plenty of beaches to choose from!


#8 – Speedboat Land and Sea Adventure

Photo Credit: Just Book Excursions

The Go Car and Speedboat Land & Sea Self-Drive Adventure is unique in that you can have half of your adventure on land, and the other half at sea. The miniature vehicles are great for maneuvering, and go places where tour busses just don’t go. Then, you hop on a two speed boat adventure tour of the San Diego Bay where you hear a narrated tour of the bay. Just follow the guide as you speed or coast  past nuclear submarines, tall ships, aircraft carriers, and more while feeling the fresh bay breeze on your face.

While these are some of the most fun water sports San Diego has to offer, don’t forget to explore on your own. Kiteboarding, wakeboarding, jet skiing, windsurfing, and more make San Diego the perfect spot to experience an amazing variety of H2O activities!

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