Things to do in the Chic Little Italy San Diego Neighborhood!

Centrally located between San Diego’s Gaslamp district and the airport, Little Italy is a vibrant neighborhood with so much to offer that you could spend the whole day and night doing fun things there! Did someone say brunch? Morning Glory is famously known for its glorious décor, ambiance, brunch cocktails and delicious food.  Be sure to try their decadent souffle pancakes, warm your bum on their heated toilet seats and snap a shot with their champagne vending machine.  But be ...

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Restaurants Now Open in San Diego: What You Need to Know | So Diego Tours

Photo Courtesy of Chugga-chugga Choo-choo! It’s the Change Train riding through and boy does it have news for you! San Diego was recently approved to move into its next phase of reopening—which means that restaurant dining rooms are now open to the public, provided they meet safety standards.   With this exciting news, you may be wondering which restaurants are open and how you can enjoy dining out in San Diego while staying safe.   Read this ...

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Best Downtown San Diego Acai Bowls

I’ve spooned up these purple treats for breakfast, lunch and as a reward for a long bike ride. The acai bowl. The essential ingredients are strawberries, bananas and the namesake Brazilian super-fruit. It’s pronounced AH-say-ee, and is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. There are tons of local favorite spots in downtown San Diego that serve acai bowls—some add blueberries, others include coconut and all have a different way of mixing and presenting the recipe. With the ...

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5 Wine Bars in San Diego To Add To Your List

Italy is one of the top wine producers in the world with the word “wine” being synonymous with “culture” for Italians. While Italians were not the first to invent wine, they certainly have applied their well-know passion to it. After hundreds of years of experimenting with wine production, spices, and aging, you can say the culture is soaked in it! In the 20th century, the Italian government began to regulating wine production so that the quality of wines marked with ...

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The Best Italian Restaurants in San Diego

When you think of the word Italy, many things come to mind.  You may think of Rome, gondolas, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Vatican, art, fine leather goods, shoes or vacation. But, when you think of Italian, your mind may wander to a tastier place, one of pizza, pasta, marinara sauce, calamari, aged cheese, or gelato.  Italian cuisine has been a staple part of the American diet, and it has been modified throughout the years to accommodate American tastes and ...

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Ten Dollar Lunch in Little Italy

If you are looking to splurge and treat yourself to a decadent dinner, Little Italy is the place to be. India Street is lined with establishments that serve everything from artfully crafted fresh sushi to succulent sirloin. It is impossible to leave this area without a full stomach and a more sophisticated pallet. However, it is also impossible to leave this area without a significantly lighter wallet. Our office is located in Little Italy and it is not the most ...

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