How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway to San Diego

Tis’ the season for love and happiness. With the holidays behind us and the new year coming in hot, why not start 2020 with a weekend getaway to San Diego? Better yet, why not a romantic weekend getaway to this dreamy destination? 

No matter if you’re in a new and blossoming relationship, have been married for what feels like an eternity, or your romantic bond is just heading into its maturity, the wonderful city of San Diego caters to love. With our incredible beaches and ocean views, historic Gaslamp District in Downtown, to the hidden gems sprinkled throughout “America’s Finest City,” there are endless possibilities for you to experience with your loved one. 

And guess what? You both deserve it. If you’re trying to plan a romantic getaway, then look no further. Considering the endless array of activities and magical places to stay in Southern California, there are so many San Diego tours to take part in, however our ultimate guide on planning a romantic getaway might just be our favorite. We’ve got you covered for a perfect weekend trip. 

#1 Hotels | The So Diego Recommendation 

Fairmont Grand Del Mar / Photo Courtesy: Fairmont Grand Del Mar

First off, you’re going to need a place to stay. And what better way to treat yourselves than at a wonderful hotel with unbelievable accommodations? See below for some must-stay places in San Diego. 

Paradise Point Hotel | Mission Beach

Paradise Point delivers on its “paradise” promise. Tucked in the folds of Mission Bay, these bungalow-style guest rooms feature tropical gardens, lagoons, and are walking distance from the coastline. 

It’s just hidden enough that you feel secluded, yet perfectly located where—should you want to go somewhere—you’re not in the boonies. Book a room. Book your spa day. And bind your hearts in this absolutely pristine establishment. 

Because that’s the point: paradise. 

La Estancia | La Jolla

La Estancia is a boutique hotel that takes the words luxury and homey, then blends them into one unforgettable experience. For one of the best romantic getaways in San Diego, book a room here and enjoy: 

  • A Natural Stone Bathroom 
  • On-Site Wine Cellars & Lavish Restaurants 
  • A Spa Treatment
  • Sunset Walks & Close Proximity to San Diego Beaches  

If you want to stay in the La Jolla area, then this boutique hotel comes highly recommended as the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Not only is this hotel nestled in the heart of La Jolla, it is among some of the best shopping and vegan restaurants in South County, San Diego. In fact, just around the corner of La Estancia, you will discover some of the best La Jolla vegan restaurants

Rancho Valencia | Del Mar

Rancho Valencia is a 5-star hotel tucked away in forty-five acres of olive groves and prolific gardens, located in proximity to Del Mar. Having been mentioned in Forbes Travel Guide as one of the most incredible 5-star hotels in the world, this isn’t a hideaway you want to miss out on. 

Their incredible farm-to-table dining and gorgeous premises aside, if you truly want to know why you should go here, it’s the spa. They seek to create an ambiance of wellness, tranquility, and rejuvenation, and have gone above and beyond in creating an unparalleled experience for guests.

  • An All-Inclusive ExperienceRancho Valencia is the type of resort you burrow into, allowing the world outside to become a whisper—a place where the love between you and your significant other takes center stage.

The Fairmont | Grand Del Mar

The Fairmont is elegance and charm, blanketed in an old Mediterranean estate, where there’s an incredible golf resort and spa. Do you want an authentic getaway for your weekend trip? How about 400 acres of a coastal canyon and hiking trails? 

Here, you can enjoy: 

  • A 5-star Spa
  • Golf… tons of golf!
  • Four Pools (because 1, 2, or 3 is just not enough)
  • Yoga
  • Fitness Classes
  • And San Diego’s first and only Michelin restaurant 

This is another one of those wonderlands that, once you settle in, provides everything you need in terms of accommodations, and more. 

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa | Carlsbad

A true retreat resort, Omni La Costa, located in Carlsbad, takes world-class dining, outdoor activities, and spa treatments to luxurious heights. This vacation spot has 17 tennis courts, 2 championship golf courses, 8 swimming pools, 7 restaurants, and a full-service spa at the ready. 

This resort is its own little town—a perfect location for romance, relaxation, and healing. 

  • A Place For You – From their golf courses, spa treatments, athletics club, to the variety of hotel activities, you and your loved one can rediscover each other in the embrace of this paradise.  This resort truly offers the ultimate vacation package.

Kona Kai Resort & Spa | San Diego

Located in the center of San Diego, Kona Kai is your own San Diego island getaway. Its modern luxury meets pool cabanas. It’s a spa day that guides you into bonfire night. Its new renovations meets traditional SoCal cuisine. 

If you decide that Kona Kai is where you and your companion are going to stay, then you’ll be enjoying:

  • Panoramic waterfront ocean views 
  • An incredible Spa
  • Luxury beach & pool cabanas 
  • Elegant and newly renovated guest rooms
  • Private beaches & nightly bonfires

Best yet, it’s located close to everything. If you plan to cruise around San Diego and explore the different parts and attractions of the city, then this is the perfect hotel destination.

#2 Activities | Go Do Some Stuffs!

Photo Courtesy: Compass Balloons San Diego

By pairing activities with your getaway, you can do fun and exciting things with your partner that allow you to relax, unwind, and focus on each other. Below is a list of amazing things you can do in the city of San Diego:

  • Spa Day – See our above hotel recommendations. You don’t need to stay at these places to reap the benefits of their spa! Couples massage, anyone? Couples that spa together are in awe together. 
  • Wine Tasting – There’s nothing quite like wine tasting with your significant other. A wine tour is about as romantic as it gets for a date night in San Diego. You get to learn about the history of vino, meet new people, and drink your hearts full as you fall further in love (thank you, cabernet). Better yet, come partake in one of our many wine tours! We’ll show you parts of the city you didn’t know existed and take you to some of the best “ma’ and pa’” wineries in California. 
  • Shopping at UTC – Gift giving goes hand in hand with romance. Perhaps it’s time to go out and spoil yourselves (and each other). And what better way to do that than with a visit to the shops at Westfield UTC? Go buy a new outfit, new gadgets, or whatever your heart desires. Maybe dinner and a movie can be the encore. 
  • Sailing in San Diego Bay – The deep blue, California sun, and ocean breeze are a perfect way for a couple to spend a day. Sailing together is one of those activities you’re just not going to forget! 
  • Biking in Coronado – If you and your lover live an active lifestyle, stay in Coronado and bike the Silver Strand, Bayshore Bikeway, and down along the Glorietta Bay. After a long cruise around the island, pedal back to the beachside and catch the sunset. One of the best picnic spots in San Diego is on the sand given the sea breeze and remarkable sunsets, so make sure to pack some snacks and a blanket before you head out on your pedaling adventure!
  • Gondola in Coronado – Transport back to Italy and take a gondola cruise through the Coronado Cays. This, again, speaks to those of you that love to be outdoors! 
  • Hot Air Balloon – Have you ever witnessed the sun drop off the earth while on a hot air balloon? Doesn’t that sound like something magical to experience with the love of your life? Go to Del Mar and take a hot air balloon ride (and toast to your love with a glass of champagne). 

One of the perfect romantic getaways in San Diego involves mixing relaxation with activities. By utilizing your day and experiencing something special, you can then return to your hideout and unwind from your adventures. 

#3 Dinner | Your Lady and The Tramp Meal

La Valencia Hotel La Jolla / Photo Courtesy: La Valencia Hotel

Dinner is a key ingredient in every successful romantic weekend getaway to San Diego. You should have dinner every night. Perhaps even dinner in the morning and dinner at lunch. 

After a day chock-full of activities and relaxing, you two deserve the finest of cuisines, wine, and entertainment. Thus, we’ve created a list of amazing places for fine dining in San Diego that comes with our full endorsement. 

Market | Del Mar

Locally grown, handpicked ingredients. Seasonal produce and fresh seafood. A modified daily menu that welcomes the catch of the day. And wines from boutique wineries that craft their vino with love and obsession. 

From sweet potato ravioli to cabernet braised prime beef short ribs, this is a place you might want to wear pants two-sizes-too-big to. 

  • Besides Each Other, What Will We Fall in Love With?The ambiance. The freshness. The incredible staff. The wine you’ve never heard of. Um, everything. 

Addison | Del Mar

If you’re looking to take your lover to a place that says you’re not just everything, you’re everything in gold… then go to Addison. The “setting where anything is possible,” this authentic and contemporary haute cuisine is a must-visit if you’re in the area. 

  • Besides Each Other, What Will We Fall in Love With? Well, we recommend the ten-course tasting menu. And guess what, they change their menu with the seasons, so you’re just going to have to find out for yourself! Sound mysterious? Sound exclusive? It is. 

Old Venice | San Diego

By the name alone, you know this is a place that you need to go. From their Venetian-inspired cuisine, lovely live music, to their incredible ambiance, this is an establishment for romantics. 

  • Besides Each Other, What Will We Fall in Love With? – Probably the entire aesthetic. Maybe the lamb chops. Or the chocolate fondant. Or the wine list. The possibilities are endless.

Bleu Boheme | San Diego 

Bleu Boheme is a trip back in time to the bohemian left bank of Paris. If you or your significant other are fans of French cuisine (or French culture in general), this is a must-do even on your San Diego itinerary. Their entire menu reflects various traditions from France—from the cuisine of Paris to the classic countryside bistros. 

  • Besides Each Other, What Will We Fall in Love With? Maybe the escargot? The petits plats (that you can share!). But likely it’s going to be the French wine and staff. Go there and save on a plane ticket to France.

The Med | La Valencia

Located in La Valencia Hotel and known as “California Coastal Cuisine,” the Med serves spicy Baja Shrimp Chilaquiles and life-changing Pacific Snappers that will reshape your standard of seafood forever.

  • Besides Each Other, What Will We Fall in Love With? Quality. That’s what you’ll fall in love with. The quality and attention to detail. Better yet, hang around afterwards and listen to some live music!

Born & Raised | Little Italy

Incredible steak. High-end cocktails. Glitzy and ritzy décor. And even a rooftop patio. Born & Raised is for star-crossed lovers who are also lavish carnivores. 

  • Besides Each Other, What Will We Fall in Love With? Most likely it’s going to be the table-side preparations of some of the dishes. Be sure to order the Caesar salad and some martinis to see what we mean. Oh, and the carrot cake? Divine.Salvatore’s | Downtown 

Remember when we said we’d give you a Lady and the Tramp dinner? Here it is. Tucked into the heart of Downtown San Diego, this Italian restaurant offers incredible food and even better wine. From the ambiance, pasta, to the cannelloni, if you love Italian, you need to go here on your romantic getaway. 

  • Besides Each Other, What Will We Fall in Love With? The unmatched Italian cuisine. The finest wines. The staff, certainly. And the ability to head out afterwards and experience all the relics of downtown San Diego!

Your Romantic Weekend Getaway to San Diego 

Now you’re prepared as ever. You have your places to stay, things to do, and restaurants to reserve! Just remember that during this weekend trip, all of these recommendations are merely a complement to what matters most—quality time spent between you and the other world you love so dearly.