La Jolla Vegan Restaurants

To the vegans, the veggie lovers, the herbivores, and the plant-based eaters, the time of choosing the one green thing on the menu—always the salad—is over. A new era is here. An era of tasty vegetarian and vegan eateries that serve pizzas and buffalo sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, free from any animal byproduct or harm.

Huzzah! To the veggies! (to the veggies!!)

San Diego is the ultimate spot for those passionate foodies striving to eat healthily, which is why our guide to the best vegan restaurants in La Jolla is one of our favorite San Diego tours. Whether you’re down with the cause or just up for some tasty treats that are easy on the gut, check out these top 5 vegan restaurants in La Jolla, California. 

Vegan Food in La Jolla

To any native La Jollans and San Diegans, you’re probably well aware of the healthy, beach vibes that La Jolla offers. In fact, it’s probably a shock that we’re sticking to only five restaurant locations. But that is exactly our mission. When you’re craving vegetables but don’t want to eat boring old… well… vegetables, choose any of these five amazing La Jolla vegan restaurants for a delicacy that’s easy on the deli. On the other hand, if you are visiting on a weekend getaway to San Diego and are interested in trying some of the hottest vegan spots, you are in luck!

#1 Beaming

Photo Courtesy: Beaming

Beaming wants to make a statement—they want to help you shine bright. How do they do this? They decided to focus on what goes into a person, because here, Beaming believes that what you put into a person is what you get out. Throw in a juice cleanse, some veggies, and a whole lot of love, and you’ll be satisfied with what comes out. Metaphorically speaking, of course… Although gut health is prioritized here.

To turn your heart green, Beaming offers a wide variety of vegan options:

  • Beaming Cafe – The reason this joint appears on this list, the beaming cafe will serve you just about whatever you could want from open to close. Want to start off slow with a low-glycemic, organic superfood smoothie? They can help you with that. Craving an acai bowl or paleo protein waffles? Yup, they have those too.
  • Juices – Grab some greens on the go. With 20 fresh-pressed juices bottled and ready to sip, you can suck down any boost you need to start smiling ear-to-ear.
  • Pantry Stuffers – Nut butters, superfood cookies, granola, protein powder, and so much more. Beaming offers you the best-in-class all-vegan pantry stuffers to bring the deliciousness home. 

San Diego Native tip: Given Beaming’s proximity to the beautiful La Jolla shores, consider ordering your food to go and head over to the oceanside and experience one of the best picnic spots in San Diego

#2 Trilogy Sanctuary

Photo Courtesy: Trilogy Sanctuary

Part yoga studio, part spiritual guidance, and two parts delicious vegan treats—Trilogy Sanctuary is a place to restore both body and mind through quality foods. Center yourself in Tree Pose before awakening the spirit with one of their twelve natural smoothies. Or work up a sweat with Warrior II before diving into a protein-rich Chocoholic acai and pitaya bowl.

Wanting to try something other than the classic juices and smoothies?

  • Breakfast burrito – Starting off with a gluten-free buckwheat tortilla, this stomach-reviver is stuffed with quinoa chorizo and cauliflower eggz. It’s then drenched with everything else you want from a breakfast burrito, including cheezy sauce, portobello ‘shrooms, and fresh spinach. Go ahead, add in avocado while you’re at it.
  • Cali roll tacos – If you’re in the mood for a SoCal classic, try these crimini mushroom “carne” tacos with garlic fries, guacamole, black beans, corn, shredded lettuce, and sour cream. Be sure to carry napkins with you around this joint, mouth-drooling is common here.

And if you’re feeding a whole office lunch, be sure to check out their catering menu.

#3 True Foods

Photo Courtesy: True Food Kitchen

Better foods mean better living—the slogan and mantra of True Foods. If you want a location that treats your taste buds as kindly as it treats your body, well then drop the animal products and head over to True Foods to get a taste of a wide selection of locally sourced, vegan dishes and entrees.

The first aspect that makes True Foods stand out is their dedication to ingredients, that ultimately make for delicious food. They use locally sourced, in-season ingredients, which implies two things: 

  1. Their menu is an ever-evolving wheel of new things to try
  2. Their plates are designed to be certified fresh

If you’re in the La Jolla area, looking for vegan or vegetarian options for lunch or dinner, try chowing down on these:

  • Spaghetti squash casserole – Organic DiNapoli tomatoes serve as the base ingredient to lather on the spaghetti squash. From there, let your taste buds ruminate on the caramelized onions, zucchini, and fresh mozzarella.
  • Ancient grains bowl – Sweet potatoes glazed with miso sesame, anti-inflammatory turmeric, charred onion, sweet peas, avocado, grilled portobello mushrooms, and hemp seeds combine into one super fresh, super bowl.

#4 Tocaya Organica

Photo Courtesy: Tocaya Organica

For a modern twist to the traditional Mexican palate, you can expect only the highest-quality vegan bowls, burritos, quesadillas, and tacos here. If you’re scrolling through Tocaya’s menu online, just switch the menu to ‘vegan-friendly’ and see all of their incredible choices. Visiting in-person? Be sure to ask for the chef’s recommendations when turning any of their traditional dishes vegan. This modern Mexican cuisine spot provides hungry customers with a highly customizable experience for the chance to get a taste of multiple vegan options in just one sitting.

For an incredible meal, try all of these:

  • Mushroom and Jalapeno Quesadilla – Made with vegan picadillo and vegan mozzarella, you’ll be enjoying this gooey quesadilla with the same vigor as your non-vegan friends.
  • The Fajita Burrito – Sautéed peppers and onions create the ‘meat’ of this burrito. From there, you’ll also enjoy cilantro-lime rice, black beans, chipotle crema, and a fresh pico de gallo in every bite.

Still hungry? Order up a side of plantain chips and guacamole. And if enjoying during happy hour, make sure to pair with a refreshing, organic margarita. Your taste buds are sure to thank you for doing so!

Vegan restaurants in La Jolla, California never tasted so delicioso. 

#5 Veggie Grill

Photo Courtesy: Veggie Grill

If you started reading this article and immediately wondered where those “buffalo sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies” were coming from—welcome to Veggie Grill.

Somewhere on the spectrum between fast food joint and restaurant, this is an order-at-the-counter, be-served-at-the-table vegan indulgence. A winter wonderland where every snowflake is another perfectly catered item to your liking from open to close. 

When perusing the menu, you’ll notice many typical fast-food style items and entrees, all of which are totally animal-product-free:

  • Buffalo Bomber – A buffalo sandwich with a vegan protein, buffalo sauce, vegan ranch, tomato, onion, and lettuce—that’s the good stuff.
  • BBQ Pulled-‘Pork’ Sandwich – For a twist on the classic, try this delicious bbq-infused sandwich.

And for dessert? Don’t forget the chocolate chip cookie. No milk, butter, or eggs. Only deliciousness.

Gimme the Greens Please!

In such a health-conscious age, the number of green spots opening up makes the inner veggie-lover smile. It means more black bean burgers, jackfruit tacos, and cauliflower pizza that makes the taste buds and the soul sing.

When you’re in need of some greens, be sure to drive, bus, fly, or walk down to any of these La Jolla Vegan restaurants for good deals and even better eats.

To the veggies!

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